Sunday, July 18, 2010

Serving...not waiting to be Served...

My dear brothers and sisters: What I am about to tell you, please listen carefully. It is very simple, yet very hard for most to accept. What I want to tell you today is that IT IS BETTER TO SERVE THAN TO BE SERVED. Now some of you might have had a very hard life growing up. Maybe your parents or "parent" in some cases struggled to make ends meet. I understand that growing up like that can really do some psychological damage to some people when they become adults. Some feel they have to do WHATEVER it takes to get to the top, including running over other people, or in other words, back-stabbing them. Well, let me tell you, and let GOD tell you that you don't have to hurt others to get to the top. Most importantly, greed is not the way, and money is not everything. God will move mountains for his children who choose to live a life of servitude to him and others. This is my testimony of what God can do for his children who serve him:

My brother Edmund and I have been in Charlotte, NC this whole summer. We have been living (surviving) off nothing but God's mercy, and when I tell you how powerful FAITH is, there were many times I thought I would be homeless and without a dime, but God delivered. You see, I have been serving the Lord not too long...since November of 2009. Not long ago. In April, I went on my first week-long mission trip not too far from where I grew and around the Washington, DC area neighborhoods...mostly in the highly disadvantaged neighborhoods of Anacostia in Southeast and I served there for about a week, but what I saw in one week changed my life forever.

Secondly, this summer, I decided to tag along with my brother Ed to see his parents in Charlotte for the summer. I know God led me here, because both Ed and I were given a wonderful opportunity to serve in the famous Billy Graham Library in our time here.

As if serving in the Billy Graham Library isn't enough of a big deal and just a pure blessing from God, our supervisor loved our testimonies so much, that she decided to interview us for an article about volunteering opportunities at the Billy Graham Library and those who have stepped up to the plate to do God's work. Edmund and I were among the volunteers mentioned within the article and both our pictures were taken. My picture is on the main page of the Billy Graham website under 'Volunteer at the Billy Graham Library': Ed's picture is featured within the article:

I have served God and that's how I know he will always take care of all my needs, and my faith is my most important weapon in this world in which I live. I encourage all believers and non-believers to serve, and not because you feel forced, but because you want to. God has a different plan for each one of his children. His plan for me is to serve and that is my purpose for living today. Faith is also very important. No matter how bad things may seem, just STOP whatever you are doing. Let God deal with your issues. Believe and it shall be done here on Earth.

Servitude is the product of many disadvantaged lives changed, from the people torn apart from their families in deadly earthquakes, to those torn apart from their families through drugs and alcohol. We all complain about how life is this and life is that, but we never stop to think that there's always somebody else in the world who has more problems going on in their life. Think about it!

If you would like more information about the Billy Graham Library, visit the homepage at the following link: