Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is there to do in DC?

WHAT IS THERE TO DO IN THE DC AREA? I have lived in this area for the past 11 years, and I always seem to be bored out of my mind. Well, some of you might ask me, don't you go visit all the monuments, museums, and the White House? Clearly, it's easier for a person who doesn't live here to say that. Monuments, museums, and the White House are so last millenium. Most Washington area residents would prefer doing other things than walking around and taking pictures like tourists. I am one of those people. DC is a wonderful city, but you have to look hard to find something to do, or a place to go.
The other day, I was at my friend's house bored to death...and clearly nothing to do. So I remembered about a time in high school when we took a random field trip to Hains Point, a park that stretches from the Anacostia river to the Potomac river. It wasn't much, but I enjoyed it because of my love for scenery and nature. So, remembering the good time I had, I proposed to my friend Edmund that we drive to Hains Point, but he was hesitating. I promised him that he would like it, knowing that he didn't care for nature and scenery that much. Once we got there, we walked around and started to see common people fishing in the Anacostia river. That was enough scenery to excite me. On the other side of the river, we saw nice architecture which always catches my eye.
At Hains Point, both Edmund and I enjoyed our experiences, and we ended the day by eating fried Snapper on the Wharf in Southwest. What I learned is that the best things in life are free or extremely cheap. It beat going to the Smithsonian Museums and wasting money on parking. The experience also made me realize that I am a very simple person who doesn't demand too much from life. If you ever get the chance to visit Hains Point while in DC, do it. I promise that you won't be disappointed. And go across the Anacostia to get some good fish, shrimp, and other seafood at the Wharf, or what others call the Southwest Waterfront. Also, Phillips Restaurant is a great restaurant, even though it is a bit expensive, but you can only have the experience once. If you can afford it, there's no harm in going. DC is not all about museums and the White House. There's a whole other side of DC people don't get to see because of the domination of these monuments. If you know someone in DC, please don't waste your money and time on those tour buses. Let your friend or host take you around the real nice places within the city and the metro area. Trust me, it beats riding some tour bus and doing this boring routine thing. Get to know the residential parts of DC as well, and neighborhood restaurants, and visit the local Eastern Market on Saturday or Sunday. YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR VISIT!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Homesick...

I am homesick. I know some of you are thinking that since I've lived in the United States for 11 years, I call this home. Well, it is kinda my second home, but not really. Home is Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the city and country I was born and raised in till my move in 1999. Oh, I remember very vividly those days (the good ole days) I spent in Dar. I remember all my friends in Upanga, the neighborhood I grew up in. We had some amazing times together, just the kind of fun every child should be entitled to. Unfortunately, sin causes millions of children to suffer worldwide. But not to worry. One day, they will be with God and all suffering will end. Tanzania to me, is the most beautiful country in the world. We are not anywhere near the wealth of most Western nations, but we are wealthy in ways that the West can only dream of. The natural surroundings by themselves, are just jaw-dropping to the average European (White) tourist. But to me, a native, it is what I perceive to be normal. Beaches at my convenience whenever I felt like going. Food that was just to die for, and the type of diversity that I only wish the DC (Washington) area possessed. Most importantly, little to no worries...just laid back!

I love Dar. I love Tanzania. I love my people and my family. I always get joy out of seeing them, since I rarely get to see them from this other side of the world. What my mother always tells me is that she has learned so much from living in the United States, but Tanzania is where her heart is. I can relate to how she feels and I thank God that she is back home. Now all I have to do is finish with my undergraduate and graduate studies, then I can return home to live a wonderful life and fulfill God's plan for my life. Tanzania, Tanzania. Nakupenda kwa moyo wote... This line is from one of our two national anthems which translates "Tanzania, Tanzania. I love you with all my heart." And that is how I feel about home. HOME IS HOME. I long for the day when I'll finally be able to leave this country in which I grew up, to go back to Tanzania, where I spent my childhood days. I'll finally be able to live my adult life in Tanzania and rejuvenate my Kiswahili vocab, because I really never got the chance to learn the full language because I left at such a young age.
With all this homesickness, it will still be a very difficult transition for me to leave what I am used to and return to Tanzania. I want to leave this country, but at the same time, I am scared of the outcome. I am used to the many services at my convenience offered in this country; services which are unheard of in Tanzania and many African countries. I will have to train myself first to get used to my homeland again. Doing things like visiting Tanzania often and communicating more with my associates and family members there to find out how Tanzania has changed, just so that I can prepare myself. It won't be easy, but I do know in the long run, it will be well worth it.

Bongoland (Tanzania), just give me a few more years to finish my studies, and I will come back to you...


WOW, I can't believe it...this is actually my first blog ever. I had to name my blog site "The Mind Of Nyerere" because I know how random of a person I can be. Therefore, on any given moment, I have something completely different to say than what I said the previous day or the previous week. YES people, I am that random. But whether I am random or not, God has been so good to me, I can't explain... The ways in which God works his mysterious ways continues to amaze me each day.

One thing that I do know is that God is powerful and almighty, but how does one explain his work in just a few sentences? Well, first you have to witness his work to testify. I still can't explain how I was literally homeless just a few days ago, and my best friend's parents decided that they would take me in for the summer. I can't explain how I met a contact in North Carolina who is a manager of a store. I've been looking and slaving just to find a job in this market, and here...out of nowhere pops up a manager of a Wal-Mart. Now, don't get me wrong. My credentials possess too much experience for a typical Wal-Mart position, but in times of desperate need, I cannot afford to be picky. I can't explain how I accidentally left my medication in Maryland, but when I came here to pick it up there was also a check in the mail from the state government, one that I wasn't expecting. THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT COMES IN THE DARKEST NIGHT. God knew months in advance that I was going to need this check to survive this summer.

I have been through some intense emotional pain from adolescence till recently. These sorrows make you want to give up on life. This "great" country, this land of "liberty and justice" that I currently reside in, this land of "equal opportunities" surely smacked me across my face more than once. But in the midst of all this, I realized that this world is not of fairness. We humans are of sin, our flesh is of sin. We don't fight against flesh, but we fight against evil. I realized that it is not people that I should have anger and hate towards, but it is Satan and his control over our human flesh.

I do believe that these are the end times, as the Revelations have predicted. I see very clearly what is happening now in our world as depicted in Revelations. God says to forgive others so that you may also be forgiven. God also says to love one another, because LOVE covers a multitude of sin. God has blessed me with a supernatural family like no other; a family of Believers in Christ. I realize now that I had to suffer and endure so much to be the person I am today. And still, I have a long way to go in my growth. God is real. A year ago, I was very skeptical of this God, but my best friend/brother has shown me that God is real and GOD DOES CARE!

One day, I will be successful to the point that I won't remember how I got there, and the same goes for my brother Edmund. But, when I get there I will testify of the supernatural ways of my heavenly father and I will attribute all my success to him.

One day....