Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spend money to use MY money...WHAT??????

Can you believe these money-hungry demons? This is all they do. They continue to come up with ridiculous rules that could put their businesses in jeopardy. BANK OF AMERICA.....You know, I thought out of all the banks in this country, BOA was the only large bank that I could trust. Apparently not!!!! Starting 2012, BOA will charge their customers $5 a month to use their debit cards. REALLY???? Are they Serious???? Talk about not giving a hoot about your customers! So basically to summarize the story, BOA will be charging you $60 a year to spend your own money. And before you even think about going to that next popular bank, all the other major banks will be doing it as well.

Flee, I tell you. Leave these arrogant jerks and give your business to smaller local banks or credit unions. The BOA's, the Suntrust's, and the Wachovia's don't deserve your business. Just flee while you still can, because this is just ridiculous and unacceptable "business" behavior. I myself am making plans so that I will be in a credit union starting 2012, because now I know that BOA isn't any different from the rest of those money-hungry jerks. One lesson that I have learned from this ordeal is that it is usually the smaller banks and businesses who have better customer service than the big jerks. Be careful with who you entrust your money to. And for those who are under these major banks, act now while you still have time!