Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~~~The Amazing Charlotte~~~

I am happy to announce that I've temporarily left the stress, boredom, and occasional depression that comes with living in the DC metropolitan area. Where have I decided to spend the rest of my summer? Well, Charlotte, NC. I never originally planned on coming here, since I had no idea that my best friend's parents were going to move to Charlotte from Cleveland, OH. So after they moved, I decided that I would go down South with Edmund to stay with his parents for the summer. I once lived in Atlanta, GA for about 4 months, and I hated it. Therefore, I expected Charlotte to be the same way, since both cities are in the South. Well, I turned out to be wrong. Charlotte is such a wonderful city, and I was most impressed by the peace I felt and the good energy that came from the people who live here. People here are SOOOO laid back, it's not even funny. The thing about DC is that you always have to hustle and bustle just to survive. There is really no time for leisure. There is no time to sit back and unwind. But in Charlotte, it is the complete opposite. Did I mention people are also much nicer down here? It is no surprise considering they have less stress to deal with and the weather is much better down here.
I am so happy to finally have some peace of mind, good energy, and also good scenery. The city is very green in its landscape and architecture. Trees and and flowers are all over the place, despite the urban setting. No pollution, and downtown is just to die for. It is the perfect harmony between City and Country life. There is no wonder why all the major banks decided to move their headquarters to Charlotte. Now, I understand. DID I MENTION PEOPLE ARE SOO SOOO NICE DOWN HERE? I think I did. I am considering moving down here for a while once I am done with my Undergraduate Studies. It would be nice to do my Master's in a Charlotte area school. I'm considering University of North Carolina in Charlotte, one of the best schools in the country. But that's the future, therefore I need not to worry about it now. But wouldn't that be great? I love DC, but I'm also tired of the same ole same ole every day. I'm ready for a change. If you ever consider moving down South, think of Charlotte. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

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