Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over...

I have never had to experience the type of suffering and mental exhaustion in my life as I have in the past 10 months. I dwell from house to house during the breaks because I don't have a permanent home. I live strictly on God's grace...nothing more, nothing less. I have no dime to my name, but yet God continues to take care of me and give me above and beyond my needs. I am thankful for God's grace, and I know that this is just a test in my life that God will use to make me a better person, and most importantly, he has used my suffering to strengthen my faith. I am faithful that my God will restore everything that I have lost above and beyond what I can imagine. This is why I can't afford to lose my trust in my FATHER.

In the midst of all my trials, it is funny and no coincidence that God has moved mountains, valleys, and continents for me. Everything I needed was given to me by God as I prayed. Somehow, I always was at the right place at the right time because of all the wonderful things that happened to me this summer while I was volunteering at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC. Now that I am back in the DMV(dc, maryland, virginia area), I am facing different trials. My financial aid is not enough to cover both my tuition & room/board. It's either one or the other. But you know what? I am 150% confident that God will work it out in the next week, right in time for my check-in on Monday. I don't know how he'll do it, but I am already starting to see his work take place.

While I await the begininning of the Fall semester in two weeks, I sit and I reflect on the supernatural power of God and all that he has done for me in the past two months alone. Despite me not having a permanent home, this has indeed been the best summer I've had in 4 years. YES, four years. And 4 years ago, I had a permanent home. It is indeed true that God's foolishness is much much much greater than man's wisdom. Never doubt what God can do...or even the type of joy he can bring to your life IN THE MIDST of your trials.  I am living testimony of what God can do for those who STAND THEIR GROUND IN JESUS' NAME. Amen? AAAAA-MEN!!!!


  1. I appreciate this. When are you going to write another intellectually-fulfilling blog? Your blog has kinda had a dry spell...haven't seen one in a minute.