Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quote of the Month!

QUOTE OF MARCH: I was born. I went to primary school, then secondary school. I went to college to study something that was accepted by society. I got my degree. I made a lot of money but my life was empty and sad. I died.

by Julius Nyerere (Me)


  1. This sounds like something a typical middle or high-class American would say after achieving the "American Dream".

    Even after achieving success in the "American Dream" kind of way, its so evident that people still have emptyness in their lives because they refuse to include God in their lives.

    In result of all this, its so evident that achieving the "American Dream" is so unnecessary. God has dreams for us that will actually last us forever and dreams that are so much more compelling and beautiful.

    Lets put God above all else!

  2. Jeena, that is why our lives are meaningless without the equation of God in them.