Monday, June 18, 2012

Photoblog 2: Lafayette Square/Park--Washington, DC

Between the 40 hours I give to TransAfrica Forum a week, I occassionally take my lunch break outside the building I work in. It is a very beautiful park and a soothing place to relax while on break. The park is a 2 minute walk from my TransAfrica Forum and it is located right behind the White House.

 The intersection of 16th and H street Northwest.
 The building in which I work.
 TransAfrica (5th floor)
 Inside the building
 TransAfrica Forum1
 TransAfrica Forum2
 Lafayette Park and White House
 Lafayette Park and H Street
 Lafayette Park1
 Lafayette Park2
 Lafayette Park and White House
 Tourists gathered around President Obama's residence
 People enjoying the weather at Lafayette Park
Lafayette Park and H Street

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