Monday, December 26, 2011

Hope for 2012!

This has been quite a hard year for a lot of people, including myself. There have been a lot of mistakes made this year and a lot of suffering that followed from the mistakes I made. But throughout my entire ordeal, I thank God that he was always there for me; that my suffering was for a reason. I realize now that I have learned a lot as a result of the events that took place this year. I have learned that there are better things in life to worry about than the small things that we allow to control our lives. The addictions, the hate, and unforgiveness are just some of the things which keep us from having a good relationship with our God. This year I have learned that I cannot do it all by myself, that I have to give my all to my Lord and Savior....That without him, I am nothing.

I challenge you as the year ends to trim all the unnecessary fat from the chicken (that is life). The chicken can still taste good without all the fat (drama) attached to it. You deserve a much more fulfilling life than what you are settling for at this moment. I want to give hope to all those who don't have any. God loves you and God knows that this life is not easy, but keep trusting in him and you will see his glory manifest in your life. I hope you had a much rested holiday season and I wish you a Happy, Glorious, and Successful 2012!

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